Here are some of the testimonials we have received from satisfied customers:

We’ve been using Jim Swan for all our mechanical handling training requirements at CC Hydrosonics Ltd  for the past 10 years.

We use him for one very good reason – his uncompromising standards mean I can trust that when employees have been trained by Jim, they’ve been trained properly.

Not only that, the feedback from the employees say that the training given by Jim, is very informative, enjoyable and at the appropriate times humorous.

We will continue to use Jim, and would not hesitate to recommend Jim for all forms of mechanical handling training.

John Everist
Training Co-ordinater
CC Hydrosonics Ltd


I was working as a laborer in a recycling factory for sometime, I wanted to improve my income. I went for a 5 Day Forklift (Counter Balance and Reach) Training with James Swan (we call him friendly Jim). It was good for me because Jim has the patience and the experience to give us a lot of explanation even for silly mistakes.


I am currently working for a Big Freight worldwide company as a forklift driver and warehouse operative. Even though I have just started my career as a Forklift Driver, compared to my other colleagues (15 to 30 years forklift experience) with the training from Swan, I was good enough to do my job safely and professionally. I was just slow in the beginning, worried about dropping down pallets that are worth thousands of pounds of merchandise, but now after few months my performance has increased sensibly and I have been offered a full time job.


Thanks to the quality of training from Jim I was able to get and secure my current job and have also improved my income.

Many thanks Jim.

Lazhar Chettat

I found Jim to be a very good forklift instructor, good at building confidence and motivating.  I would recommend to anyone.

Dan, Eastbourne


I really enjoyed the course and a week after passing the novice course I found employment driving a counter balance truck.  I would recommend this company and instructor.

Gordon, Brighton


Jim is a very calm and enabling instructor, facilitating learning for all participants on the course, whatever their level. He manages to break through barriers to learning, making you feel like you know what you’re doing even if you started out a complete novice.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to anyone, whether it’s a group training course or one-to-one training you require.

Sarah Roberts a former employee of Fareshare in Deptford


It was a great experience when I first came to do my counter balance and reach forklift course with Swan, so it was a no-brainer, when I decided to renew my license as to who I had to contact!

Vitoldas, Lithuania